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Established in 1977, Excelsior GENE offers craftsman-level manufacturing service with capability to help our customer bring concepts to reality then go directly into mass production.

We partner with our customer to modify their current products and other inspirations, such as adding a feature or branding element. Some clients simply hire us for existing product fabrication to ensure quality is up to the highest standard.

EG key accounts are mostly US based. Orders fulfilled by dropshipping to several major international cities.




In 2021, with the manufacturing foundation in LuKang, Taiwan and design resource in Boston, USA. Excelsior GENE launched new products and service under the brand "EGDD" (Excelsior Gene Design Department) 

"We know how difficult it is to build a great product"

Sometime you are just a step away from finding the "Missing Dot," and EGDD is​ the partner that you have been looking for.

EGDD owns the access to a cohort of manufacturing resources, located mostly in central Taiwan, with experience of servicing international brands on various products.

Most products use more than one material and often go through various production process. EGDD connects the dots for you of finding, or sometimes, recommending what material or production method to use. Most suppliers we partnered with have existing orders so that they are willing to try new initiatives and support prototype or small batch production.

From what material to use and how to make it, select the desired look and finish, no great product can success without a good packaging design. As a true integrator, EGDD saves you the trouble of finding yet another supplier at this stage. We design and make creative packaging as well. 

The last piece of the one-stop-shop is the volume production, which is deep in the root of our business. What's really set us apart is the can do attitude and the range of our service. From volume decorative holiday items, or high-end lighting for boutique brands, to even small products involve with heavy handmade process, all are within your reach, now that the missing dot is found! ;-)








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