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「Let the scent till the last」


Fragrance may not be a basic necessity of life, but it is essential for the emotional connection between hearts.


The "ArchSphere Candle Warmer Lamp" draws inspiration from Piazza San Marco, like the romantic instinct awakened by the sound of bells, accompanying every day and night of love.


Many wax lamps on the market cannot accurately adjust temperature and fragrance. The "ArchSphere Candle Warmer Lamp" innovatively features a magnetic suction line-controlled lampshade and a stepless dimming button. It not only allows for precise control of height, keeping the fragrance with you until the end, but also adjusts brightness and fragrance concentration delicately according to different situations, from near to far.


Whether it's waking up to a faint fragrance by the bedside in the morning, enjoying the pleasure of candlelight during lunch with a loved one, spending quiet moments alone, or wrapping every eager night in a captivating aroma, from now on, light will have fragrance, and love will have a small sanctuary.


Light up the "ArchSphere Candle Warmer Lamp," let the fragrance linger in the space until the very end, accompanying the alternation of day and night, witnessing the brilliance and tranquility of love.


【Product Features】


💡Innovative magnetic suction line-controlled lampshade, allowing fragrance to last until the end

Can accommodate candles of any size and height, precisely control the distance between the light source and the candle, perfectly fitting to keep the fragrance with you until the end.


💡Stepless dimming knob, easily adjust brightness and concentration

Can easily adjust brightness and fragrance concentration according to different situations, from warmth to romance, whether day or night.


💡Elegant bell-shaped design inspired by Venice's Piazza San Marco

Designed after the shape of St. Mark's Clock Tower, creating an elegant and captivating appearance, like the romantic bells, awakening the instinct of romance.


💡Four atmospheric colors, making day and night soft and bright






four low-saturation atmospheric colors, painting a colorful poem for day and night.


💡Side magnetic suction design, attaching fragments of love

Combined with magnetic suction wire holes, the wire can be fixed on the side, and the magnetic suction design can hold small memos, serving as thoughtful reminders.



ArchSphere Candle Warmer Lamp - Frosting

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